Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Year's Resolution

Well, this blog didn't really happen last year, but I'm determined it will this time. My resolution is to write every day, either in my journal or by posting on my blog. So, even though this quarter is going to be insane, I'm really going to make an effort. I'm also going to try to make sure to post pictures, as soon as I take some new ones.

Some friends drove me back to school today, and I'm settled back into my apartment and I already unpacked at least half my stuff. (I'm going to be so much more organized this year) Winter quarter starts tomorrow. I have five classes for a total of eighteen units. I'm having trouble scheduling any tutoring, so maybe I'll go back to my old on-campus job. I'll find out what's available this week. Other than that, I'll be studying as usual and trying to figure out what in the world I am going to do after I graduate. I already had several ideas, and family and friends suggested a few new ones this week. It should be really fun, but my head is kind of spinning from all the options.

I frogged and restarted a hat today during the ride back to school. I'm making it as a gift for my cousin, who is currently on a mission trip in Colorado, where it is much colder and snowier than we California kids are used to. So I got some nice blue wool and I'm going to knit this hat for him and a cabled scarf to go with it (we didn't think he would wear a cable hat, but I'm going to cable the scarf because a)I like cables and I want to and b)it'll make a nice thick warm scarf so hopefully he will wear it even if it's not completely boring and plain. Guys are a lot harder to knit for than girls. (I realize that's not a surprise to anyone, but I don't have any brothers, so I'm new to this.)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

crazy week

I can't believe how long it took me to get a second post up! Well, it's been a kind of crazy week.

I've gotten a lot of piano practicing done this week, which is great because I'm really trying hard to gear up for the school year. I'm really hoping there'll be room for me to take piano during the school year too. I got the dates of the placement auditions yesterday and I know some classes are still open so hopefully one of those spaces will go to me.

So if that works out, my schedule is almost finished. I just need to decide which French class to take and then I'm set.

I haven't actually gotten much knitting accomplished (and I spent most of yesterday tinking ten rows of my sock because I only did half the decreases) but I'm hoping to cast off the sock I'm working on today or tomorrow. Then I can start my campanulas! I just got the yarn for them in the mail, and it's gorgeous. It doesn't look like the picture on the website at all, but maybe that's my monitor. Anyway, it's actually prettier so I'm really happy about that.

I keep meaning to start scrapbooking too, because I haven't done any of that this summer. I found the perfect material to make a cloth cover for an album at the craft store yesterday, and it's for a set of pictures that I already have organized. I'm thinking I'll go through them this weekend and order some prints. It's going to be of Easter week when my family came to visit me.

And yeah, in case your wondering, I took an inordinate amount of pictures at the Musee d'Orsay while I was there, but I've always liked impressionism and hey, they make me happy. I might make a calendar out of some of the best ones with shutterfly or one of those sights.

I'm about halfway through a fun Agatha Christie and once that's done, I think it's time to improve my mind with some classic literature. (I think I'm gearing up for school to start.) I picked up Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky (the Pevear and Volokhonsky translation because their version of Anna Karenina is fantastic) and also George Eliot's Middlemarch. It was recommended in a podcast I listened to. I'm not sure which one to pick first, but I'm leaning towards Dostoevsky.

Monday, August 20, 2007


So I figured it was time to retire my old Vie En Bordeaux Blog, since my semester there is over. That was basically just about the town of Bordeaux also and not about me. But I miss blogging, so now I have a new one.

Today I finished Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian. I really enjoyed reading it. (In fact, the past few days I've had trouble putting it down at all. I really wish I could travel to Budapest and Istanbul and Ljublana and the other places they went too. Hopefully if I keep taking Russian that will open some doors.

Some of my friends have started going back to school already. Coworkers too, which means I've started getting more hours, which will be nice. I don't go back for another month, and it really weirded me out today when I drove past my old high school and saw it full of people. How is summer over? I have so much stuff I still want to get done for the summer.

Anyway, that's about it for now. I'll put up a longer post tomorrow, hopefully with some pictures.